Z axis grinding on initialize

This started happening right after I finished this guitar neck. Stopped the parallel cycle and then it did this (see attached video). What do I do?

FWIW - it also seemed to be struggling to move up and then did some and then kept grinding right after I initially stopped it.

You are probably not holding your tongue right.

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Sounds like it may be binding. Turn off the machine and check to see if the drive screw is turning freely and the Z is moving correctly without binding. If so, try some machine oil.

If you turn the leadscrew manually are you able to move the Z plate down ?
If you can try and look into the space between the moving plate and the fixed plate. There have been a couple of cases on the forum of the leadscrew nut attachment getting loose, and then getting in the way of the movement.

EDIT: I mean like this:

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It won’t turn using my hand

Get in touch with support@carbide3d.com, they’ll know what to do next

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