Z axis "grinds" down after Probe, crashes into stock

Hey, all. My Nomad (original Kickstarter unit) has been sitting mostly unused for quite a while, but I’m trying to get back into using it. Last weekend, I did some test cuts, and everything seemed to work fine. Today, I was trying some Carbide Create paths, and everything started fine… then about 5min in, suddenly the spindle stopped during one of the vertical clearance moves – in open air, not in contact with the stock (soft pine).

Well, I scrambled for the E-Stop, scratched my head, and decided to start over, watching it more carefully. And that’s when things got weird. The Nomad homes perfectly well, and does the first half of the Probe fine. But during the move back towards home after climbing away from the probe, the Z axis moves downward, making a “grinding” noise, until the cutter hits the stock and stalls the axes. It’s done this three times in a row now.

The Z axis’s “grinding” noise is not like a physical jam, or a stalling/cogging stepper motor. If anything, it sounds a bit like I would expect if one of the motor wires was shorted, or getting “leakage” (somehow) from the X or Y stepper driver.

I’m still using an old copy of CM 3, and there’ve been no changes to this computer, or to the Nomad, in over a year. And like I said, it ran about an hour’s worth of test cuts last weekend. I have a bad feeling my GRBL board may be starting to fail, or (worse!) a wiring harness or junction. I’m going to have to start opening up the enclosure and examining the hardware in closer detail.

But in the meantime, has anyone ever seen anything like this? This Nomad has never seen much use, and the only issue it ever had was that I had to replace the Z motor a few months after it arrived b/c the lead screw was slowly coming off the motor. Aside from that, it’s been flawless.

I had similar with a Pro, but all axes would move negative so the spindle would dive to the left front.

IIRC, the issue was the control board, exacerbated by electrical noise from the dust extraction.

Contact support before digging at random. They know what issues have cropped up over the years and how to fix them.

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As @enl_public noted, contact us at support@carbide3d.com — check the wiring and send us clear photos of your wiring and wiring harness and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

This is a shot in the dark but are on the current versions of CC and/or CM and did you send a configuration to the controller?

Yeah, I figured that’s what I would need to do. It’s semi-random – I just ran four tool-measuring cycles in a row, and only had the failure on the last one. :roll_eyes:

I took a video this time, let’s see if I can transcribe a link by hand:

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