Z axis issue, router stops part way up, clunks

I have shapeoko pro xl, about a year old. Has been working great. Today the z axis stopped working. When trying to initialize the machine, the router starts to rise up and about an inch from the top, it stops and a clunking (for lack of a better term) starts. I turned off the machine turned it back on and the same thing happened. I have excellent dusk collection and keep the rails clean. If I turn the machine off I can manually slide the router in the x direction and manually lower the router in the z direction. When I turn it back on and try to initialize, the same thing happens, starts to rise, stops and the clunking starts.

There is a metal post in the Z-Plus — is it securely in place?

What condition does the leadscrew look to be in?

Are the linear rails well lubricated?


Check the coupler at the top of your Ballscrew/Leadscrew. Sometimes that comes loose.

Check the screws for the leadscew nut, as shown here"

You can tighten them through these two holes:

From the backside, over the X axis motor:

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The leadscrew looks in perfect shape
the rails are lubricated
not sure what/where the metal post in the Z-Plus is

The metal post triggers the Z-axis homing switch on some Z-Plus units, but not on a Pro, so my apologies for not realizing you’d specified that model.

Contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll go over this with you.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I removed the router, oiled the leadscrew and rails and generally just cleaned things up… Although, I must say they didn’t look very dirty or clogged with dust and chips. At any rate, I put everything back
together and it currently is running fine. Seems strange. Art

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