Z-axis Issue Shapeoko 5 pro

Having a problem with my Z axis it seems like its moving very inconsistently. This is the Shapeoko 5 pro I’ve had it about a month haven’t had a successful carve yet. Issues with y axis first, apparently they send it with all the screws loose. Now this.
Side note: does customer service stink now? It’s impossible to get them on the phone. When they eventually call they’re great but I stuck with carbide3D because of how easy it was to contact them. Really the opposite now.

What sort of toolpath are you cutting? With what tool?

Rather than calling, send an e-mail.

I always send an email too I just got a call back. Sending me test cut then he thinks a new part again. My 4th new part for a brand new machine. It’s been a tough stretch with this thing.
I’m cutting MDF with 1/4” downcut bit. .050 mm with a 40 feedrate.

I was surfacing my spoil board tonight and was noticing some z axis issues (I think, pretty new at this). Not sure if I should add to this thread or create a new one. I did email support too.

I held a square on the left and right side of the z axis using the freshly surfaced board as the base and it seems a little off.

Since I mentioned A-Z, Tramming is covered there also. Looks like your spindle needs to be squared.

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