Z Axis jitters ShapeOko 2

Hey guys,
I’m just getting back to my SO2 after a few years of not using it. I took off the tinyg I was using because I never really got a good workflow down with it. I put my Arduino and g shield back on to use Easel quickly and easily to whip up a sign. My problem is when I go through the Easel configuration the X and Y move as they should (I reset the current for the steppers as well) but when I first tried moving them the Z was jittery and whiny when the X or Y were moving. The jitter stopped but the Z jitters any time I try to move it. I tried turning the pot all the way down and I can hear a difference when I turn it but no matter what I do it won’t work properly

I used the tinyg and chilipeppr the other day just to move it around and it worked fine.

Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks!

I personally just ran into this when I accidentally slammed my Z access below the wasteboard. My Z Axis still works, but now it has backlash from stretching the delrin in the lead nut. I’m on here trying to find a replacement lead nut.

The Shapeoko 2 was sold by Inventables, which has forked the design as our competitor, the X-Carve. They should be able to assist w/ parts (but will probably insist on “upgrading”).

Another person to check in w/ would be Catalin Voinescu at Amber Spyglass who still markets the eShapeoko.

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