Z axis Measuring

How could i measure accuracy of Z travel without cutting something?
I had a z depth go farther than it should have and i cant figure out why?
Tool paths look ok zeros were correct.
Im still making adjustments to the eccentric to lock things in.

A dial indicator is a very nice tool to have. This will read the depth that the head moves if you set the plunger parallel to the z-axis.

Here is the cheap set I use. It works for my purposes.

with a magnetic base:

PS- A dumb mistake I made a little while ago was to use my probe wrong when zeroing my z. I still had it on the corner and it plunged deeper than I was wanting. Just in case you did the same thing take a look at the diagram for how to do a z-probe.


This works great, very easy. I’m biased though :slight_smile:


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