Z-axis off by 0.03"

Cut pockets of various depths, and measure them with your caliper ?


Now that I entered the new coeff values, why are my readings NOT a whole number when I clear “all offsets” in CM?

I’m guessing it’s due to the new coeff values entered (absolute values).

The same way you figured it out in the first place - move by an amount and compare to what you asked for the movement to be. That it’s over only a portion of length isn’t a huge problem (though there have been people that have mapped the total error in different places on the belts, and determined that they weren’t totally consistent…but pretty close).

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That’s the bad thing about calibrating for belt stretch — the numbers aren’t nice ones which multiple into measurements neatly.

Probably to calibrate you should work out how much the machine moves for each full step, and measure based on that.

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