Z axis problem banging on top and slipping belt

This started yesterday and is something new here. It happens with the bit setter and without the bit setter.

I set the X Y Z on the stock, easy, X and Y are at the center so I only set the Z.

With the bit setter connected the machine does its routine, comes to the front asks for the bit, then goes to the side to verify the height of the bit.

Then I click on start the job and there is the problem: the black plate that hold the router goes up those 7 or 8 mm left in its space to reach the microswitch really fast banging and making noise while the belt is slipping quite a few notches, then when router goes to start the job, it starts way above the stock to be cut.

I removed in the software the bit setter and started the job few times just setting the X Y Z and then clicking the start and does the same.

Cutting the power to the unit and moving manually the router up and down by hand, it moves correctly.

By the way tI tested the microswitch and is working.

I don’t think that it is a mechanical issue, and I did many Connect to cutter and Initialize the machine.

Any idea what could be the problem?


normally the first thing to check here is the retract height in your digital design
(this is in the “sprocket” menu if you use carbide create)

typical values for that are < 0.25"

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This is a 2 sides job created in V Carve Pro. Reading your answer made me think, so i loaded the first face file that cutted correctly yesterday and i started that job, well it went fine, so the problem must be in the file.
Strange because the two files vere created at the same time with the same settings.
I will check and remake the second side file because the problem must be there.

I don’t know where the “safe retract height” is in vcarve, but I know there’s a setting for it… make sure to check that…

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I am new to the software too, i got it 4 days ago or so.
I will, thanks

There is also an option in Vectric software to set a “datum” which has sometimes caused issues when set to far away from the stock or too high above it.

I corrected the toolpath and now is working correctly.
I followed one of their tutorials and it suggested to set the 0 on the same side for the top and bottom settings, I removed that and now is working correctly.
Thanks everybody

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