Z-Axis problem, can't jog / move up

Ran a job last week and it’s last path was messed up by not retracting up to the clearance height. I found it weird, but this wasn’t the first time it’s messed up.

Went to cut something new today and realized the Z-Axis isn’t locking when turning on. All axes lock right? there’s also a long (2-3 seconds?) beep when I turn it on, I don’t think it did this before either.

Trying to jog via Motion, it will go down but clearly something is wrong and will stop and freeze. I can hear the motors running (or something making noise), but don’t see any components moving. Can’t jog up, and I don’t even hear any noises.

I checked tension of belt and v-wheel, but they seem ok. Just from the startup, these don’t seem to be the problem, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas?


Have you checked the set screws on the stepper motor pulley?


I’m afraid that most likely your Z-axis stepper driver chip is damaged. Unfortunately, they’re not replaceable. Contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get it sorted out.


Oof, that’s not what I wanted to hear. I’ll send a message to support. Thanks.

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