Z Axis Problems Help

Just started between cuts. Z axis rises, vibrates like it’s going to shake apart, stops. Message about limit switches not being read. Can anyone help? This machine is not a year old yet.
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You mean during machine initialization ?
The Z limit switch is likely not being triggered.
If you place a metal object near the Z limit switch, does the LED turn on ?
If it does, the next step to troubleshoot is to go in CM’s Settings page, repeat this test with a metal object and check whether the “Active pins” section displays “Z” when you do.

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Which machine do you have? What optional equipment does it have? What software are you using? Do I like ranch dressing?

I have the Shapeoko 3. If I remove the limit switch and initialize the machine, I can activate the limit switch with a piece of metal, which stops the z axis rising. I touch again and it moves to the starting position in the back right. Just not activating while on the machine.

Yes, active pins does display z when switch triggered with metal

Possibly a matter of where/how it is positioned then, it may be a tad too far for the Z plate to trigger it before it reaches the mechanical stop? Can you share a pic of the top of the Z when the Z crashes at the top, just after you turn it off?

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Where is the Z-axis homing switch installed?

Is the post in place on the Z-axis spindle carriage plate to trigger it?

I’m not seeing an open ticket for you — please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

I will do so. Is there a place I can send a video of it happening?

Please send the video in to support@carbide3d.com

You could power down Shapeoko and manually move to homing position. You will have to move leadscrew by hand to get it all the way up. Power on machine but do not initalize. Adjust z switch until it triggers. There will be a blue light on controller light up when triggered. One of the cm pages also shows if switches are triggered.