Z-Axis Problems

The Nomad 883 is currently unresponsive, video below but here is the sequence of events.

About 60% into a roughing pass the Nomad 883 stopped moving on any axis, it was as if I had hit the pause button in the Carbide Motion application. It’s never done this before, bit was still spinning but no movement on any axis. I hit the pause button in Carbide Motion, and then hit it again and the Nomad resumed working.

About 10 minutes later (still in the roughing pass) the bit moves to upper right corner as if it had started the ‘homing’ routine. Once it got to the upper right corner and fully up the Z axis (so up high) it then starts shaking/studdering down on the Z axis.

Here is a video of where it is now (all the way down on the Z axis), still shaking.


Do you have an original nomad? If so, it sounds like (from the video) your z axis motor needs to have the wiring harness replaced. The exact same thing happened to my original nomad, and it’s an easy fix. Jorge can set you up with a fix.

Not sure about the other issues you mentioned, but perhaps they are related.

I sent an email to support@carbide3d.com, have not heard back. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

What do I need to do to fix this problem?

Hang in there! C3D will respond. They’re pretty good about getting back within a reasonable time frame.

There can be many causes but I think @Darren may be onto something.


I received two cables from Carbide3D, no instructions were included so I’m assuming this is an easy replacement. However the cables I received have connectors that don’t match my z-axis motor. The other end of the cable has a connector that matches the control board.

Am I doing something wrong or did I receive the wrong cables?

Do you have an original nomad or the pro?

I’m clearly not the authority on this, but it’s my understanding that Carbide has used 2 types of z-axis motors

  • On the original Nomad, one with a plug-in cable connector on the back of the motor
  • On the Nomad Pro, a motor with the cables integrated into the motor

It looks like you have one of the newer z-axis motors, which could mean that as opposed to swapping out the cable, you would need to swap out the entire motor.

As well, the problems that came with the old z-axis motors were, to my knowledge, a result of the the wires on the cable connector at the back breaking or coming loose. I had this happen twice, and both times a new wiring harness fixed the problem right away.

I have the original nomad, serial #102.

I have serial #268 (original Nomad), and mine does have the 6 pin connector you show in your pic (with 4 of 6 being used), so I guess they changed early on?


Still waiting to hear from Carbide3D, I’ve emailed support and posted to this forum is there something else I should be doing?

Hmm. I’ve replied to your support ticket a couple of times this week. Maybe the emails aren’t coming through? If you still have my skype info feel free to get in touch there so we can get you up and running

Thank you Jorge, I am happy to report that I am back up and running after replacing the Z-Axis motor.