Z axis slop / wheel adjustment

I purchased a very lightly used 3XXL and while setting it up in its new home I discovered a slight tram error where the “right” side of the bit digs in a little. When I went to fix it, I discovered that the Z axis has a bit of slop. The top 2 wheels seem snug to the Z rail, but the bottom 2 pulleys behind the router have the slop. I could only find an eccentric adjustment on 1 of the upper wheels. Is this slop normal or is there a way to fix it? Since I bought the machine used, I don’t have the experience of initial assembly, and I didn’t see anything clear in the assembly guide about adjusting these wheels.

Please see:

The slop isn’t normal and needs to be removed. In order to remove it tighten the nut clockwise. Each roller should have a nut to adjust them. Also watch the video it will explain everything.

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I think a picture would help. If the top two wheels are snug, and the bottom two wheels are snug, there is something else going on. The pulleys behind the router are a different story. If the Z belt is loose you can see this, or are you referring to the pulleys on the back of the whole Z assembly, where the X belt is engaged?


View the video posted above It goes over the tighten of the nuts. Better then a pic

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