Z Axis Switch Malfunctioning and Grinding

Hi everyone,

This isn’t my first project and also not my first time experiencing these issues with the Z-Axis grinding and going in the opposite direction. The first major issue I had was on a previous project where it seemed the CNC lost the Z-Axis and plunged all the way into the waste board. At the time I did a little bit of research and concluded that I had the plunge rate too high and that that was likely why it lost its z-axis point. So I lowered it in my G-Code, tried again after some aggravation with initializing but it got to a point where everything was fine.

Now I just ran a project and had the same issue happen with my plunge rate a 9 in/min and the project got to about halfway until it crashed into the wasteboard again. Currently, the Z Axis is moving in reverse and grinding when trying to initialize. I ALSO noticed that the wire connecting to the homing switch when moved will light up on and off so Im sure that shouldn’t be the case at all. I am attaching the link to my videos as well as the G-Code I was using. Anyone with insight or direction will be very much appreciated.

Akeem NamePlate.nc (1.6 MB)

I couldn’t place more than 2 links in the OP.

Here is the other video of the wire turning on and off with movement.

Hi Troy,

Definitely something wrong in the wiring, probably both for the Z axis stepper motor and the Z prox switch (which should defintely not light up when moving the cable around, there must be an intermitten short somewhere along the path). If you haven’t already, you should contact support@carbide3d.com


Thanks. I reached out to them at the same time of posting this and they’re sending me a new Z switch. Hopefully that solves the issue

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