Z axis zeroed from top of waste board

Any members zeroed the Z axis from the top of the waste board then manually enter a negative value corresponding to the thickness of the project material?

In addition the value is also enter in the material thickness. I’m not sure if its a positive or negative value.

I stumbled across a YT vid and the user’s waste board is almost immaculate.

Here’s the link.

Hi @GIban671,

This exact topic (and video) has been discussed in detail in this thread, you may find it useful.

You don’t need to mess with negative thickness values, setting zero to the wasteboard (“bottom” in CC setup) just means that you will have to do the zeroing (with a paper or probe) on the wasteboard surface, not on the material, but the rest is taken care of by the CAD tool that takes the declared material thickness into account to figure out where is the top, how high to retract, etc…


Thanks for pointing me to that link.

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