Z carriage on x axis

I have the Z Plus upgrade. I made an error when I updated the GRBL. That’s been fixed. Now I notice that the Z carriage has lateral play when the machine is turned on and locked up. Is this OK?

Sorry it is shapeoko 3.

There should not be play.

Time to check the v wheels

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The motor is turning about 7 degrees as I move the carriage left and right about 1/4"

Is the actual motor shaft turning? or is the pulley slipping on the shaft?

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Thank you. Yes it was slipping!

Make sure one of the set screws (grub) is on the flat spot of the stepper motor shaft. Some people replace the tiny grub screws with cap screws. You can get the metric screws at most hardware stores. The larger head of a cap screw is easier to tighten without stripping the small grub screw.

When you are sure you have one of the set screws on the flat make a mark across the pulley and shaft with a magic marker. That gives you a witness mark to give you a quick visual reference that your pulley is lined up and not rotated and/or loose.

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