Z crash after restart due to tool break

I always start off by saying I LOVE my Nomad. I bought it as a back up but it quickly became my #1 machine.

I have had this issue a few times and would like to find a way to resolve it.

During an engraving run a bit can break. I replace the bit, zero the new bit on top of the part, start the job again, the new bit buries into the work.
I can’t understand this since I just put the new bit on top of the work and told Carbide Motion, this is your new zero. Just as I did the bit that broke.

There was a time the bit broke and to avoid that issue I turned the machine off then on and started the initial startup process of machine wake up with the new bit. That worked fine for Z but X and Y were off a little.

So, what can be done that if a engraver bit breaks a new engraver bit can be inserted to finish the job without scraping materials?

Thank you

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There used to be people who answered these questions, is that not the case anymore?

Let me try.

When I brake a bit and restart the program in CM, I re-zero the job completely.

Yes CM saves the zero even if you shut down BUT in my experience “X” and “Y” are off enough to fudge up my cut. Generally I disable paths that are already completed to reduce the air cut time

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Please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to have someone go over this with you.

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