Z-does not reach wood

Hello, I am pretty sure this is a software problem because my Shapeoko XL performs fine with other pieces of code.

I am using Carbide Create, Save the G-Code, and jog over to the spot and bring the bit down then zero all, then execute the G Code. It retracts then the plunges very slowly and never reaches the wood before it starts moving in X-Y directions.

Settings, ]304.8mm 304.8mm, 6mm thickness, Retract 7mm

Cut in question: 2.470 step, 1.3mm depth pr pass, 680 feedrate, 85mm plunge, 5000rpm. 5.5 mm endmill

Pocket: Start 0, depth 3.75mm`

Hi @wearviral,

  • can you post the generated g-code file for a check ?
  • Any chance you might have set the zero on “bottom” instead of “top” by mistake in the “Stock thickness settings” in Create ? Does the distance (in the air) between the cutter and the wood match the stock thickness ?
  • is it possible that upon retract, the Z axis hits the top and grinds there for a second ?
  • Miscallenous notes on your feeds and speeds (unrelated to your problem, since you are not cutting anthing yet):
    • 5000 RPM sounds a bit suspicious, assuming you have a trim router on your Shapeoko XL? (which has a minimum of 12K RPM if you have the CCR). I’m asking because it’s easy for earlier Carbide Create versions to end up with Nomad feeds and speeds by mistake, and that 5000 RPM sounds very Nomad-y.
    • 85mm/min for plunge is quite slow. In wood you can probably bump that up to at least 200mm/min and still be on the conservative side of things.
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Where is the origin in Job Setup | Stock thickness | Z set to? Is it set to Bottom and you are setting zero on the surface of the stock?

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You do not mention if you are using a probe to set your zeros. Set your spindle in the middle of your work piece and go to rapid position, press Zero +6 button. The bit should move to 6mm above your workpiece. Set your movement to 1mm and press 6 times on the Z-. You should be right on your workpiece. If this is not the case, it is your Z zero that is not set properly.

Doh! Stock bottom was set. I usually don’t mess with that but must have flipped it to the wrong one accidently.