Z Drive confirmation?

I’ve got the X/Y specifics of the Shapeoko drive (stepper/belt pitch/pulley teeth), however looking at the wiki references I’m gray based on the content (or I’m missing it all together). There’s co-mingling of screws, motors and such…

Here are wiki cites I’ve reviewed:

Can someone on the pro-team verify the Z-axis drive with these properties ?

  • Steps per revolution (200?)
  • Distance per revolution?

Also wondering what a worst case max feed rate might be for a 3XXL?

For a Shapeoko 3? It uses the same pulleys and belts all-around, so discounting calibration it’s the same 40 steps / mm as X and Y in the default configuration.



What are you trying to do?

Open a MDI line and type $$ to view the machine parameters, as well as the max feed/rapid rate

You should be aware of this information

Thank you @WillAdams / @RichCournoyer.
Exactly the references I needed (right here under my nose in fact!)
Specifically, I am setting up alternative CNC controls (non GRBL) in another Carbide Motion controller.