Z height loads incorrect

I am running carbide create and carbide motion all updated versions on a new Shapeoko XXL. However. When I’m loading a gcode from Carveco Maker+(output gcode as "carbide shapeoko) , motion thinks the z height is 3.0 inches even when the gcode shows it being 1.75.
Any ideasLion Star base NEW6.nc (2.6 MB)

Attached is the gcode and screen shot of the Z size.

Hi @Kresd2055,

When previewing the gcode file, it appears Carbide Motion info is the correct one:

At the point I have the endmill in that screenshot (black rectangle), Z is ~0.0.
At the top of the vertical retract moves, Z is 2.0 inches
At the bottom/lowest point, Z is -1.0
So the total span of movements along Z is 3.0 inches as CM displays.
I don’t know what Z value this Z=1.780 Carveco inserted as a comment in the gcode file corresponds to…you would have to check with them to see how their post-processor for Shapeoko is setup.

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