Z limit switch is broken for the second time by over travel

Z limit switch is broken for the second time by over travel.

when homing, everything is ok, but once I run the g-code z axis hit the limit switch and damaged it.

Why it does not stop and do not over travel?

The switches are used for homing, then soft limits are only implemented for jogging in Carbide Motion — unfortunately, we don’t recommend turning on soft limits due to the difficulty of troubleshooting false positives.

The mechanical positioning of the switch should allow the machine to bottom out against the stops without damaging the switch — try loosening the hardware for the plate and switch and adjusting it up — if that’s not sufficient, use a small tool to clear the powder coat out of the screw hole.

I’m nowhere near my machine right now, so I can’t check, but does Carbide Motion not give a meaningful response to the user when you run against a soft limit? I don’t believe I’ve hit a soft limit in Carbide Motion since I very happily turned them on. (I have hit soft limits in UGS while getting the hang of it and my laser setup, and the message is clear and obvious when I have.)

If soft limits are enabled, Carbide Motion will pass on the alarm state from Grbl.

Even if soft limits are turned off, Carbide Motion won’t let you jog past the machine extents when it’s interpreting jogging buttons.

Did you mean hard limits? Soft limits shouldn’t have false positives.

Somewhere here there’s a post where @robgrz figured out a problem with them — can’t recall the specifics, but I try to stick to the defaults and my understanding of them.

It was an issues for me as well I replaced it with a switch that had a longer travel so the machine would start skipping on the belt before the switch bottomed out but after actuation of the switch. you might need to make your own plate to hold the new switch.

I install on of these cheap micro-switch and it works fine.