Z Motor Connector?

Fired up my 4XXL this am. Wouldn’t intialize and got the homing cycle failed message. Checked a bunch of things and found this wire disconnected and sure that’s the problem. Can it be reconnected or do we need to replace the part? Going to contact support as well, but hoping y’all could give us an answer. TIA

It’s been working perfectly up until this point. Only have had it 4 days.

The Micro-Fit connectors require a special crimping tool — we’ll get this sorted out at support@carbide3d.com as quickly as we can.

Okay - thanks. I send an email. Hopefully, we can get this sorted out. :frowning:

And an even special-er pin removal tool.


I use this one

iCrimp XH2.0mm XH2.54mm XH3.96mm Dupont D-Sub Terminals JST Pin Crimper SN-01BM Crimping Tools for Crimper Plier for AWG 28-20 (0.08-0.5mm2) https://a.co/d/33BPR62


Hey - thanks!!! They’re going to send us a whole new one. In the meantime, we just kind of shoved it in and taped it. It worked all afternoon and we thankfully got some orders done. Part should be here soon.

“special-er” :grin:

Love that.

Hey Will - wanted to say thank you (again!). It’s all sorted and should be here soon!

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