Z-Plus size differences

I couldn’t find anything about the differences between the zplus, zplus xl, and the zplus xxl. If I am wanting to upgrade to the xxl in the the future, should I get the zplus xxl for my original shapeoko?

Z+ sizing relates to the wire length that is included. The xxl has long wires while the regular has shorter.

If you plan to upgrade anyway, you could get the longer, mount the controller to the side and tie up the wires until you’re ready for them.


As @Biologyben noted, the various options are for the various machine sizes.

While future-proofing the upgrade may be a good idea, it’s not something we support.

Ok perfect thank you very much!

A second thought - when you upgrade the machine to XXL, it will come with all the cords needed to extend your wiring, cable chain, etc.

Not sure there is an advantage considering that…

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The advantage would be ending up with two pairs of homing switches with appropriate length wiring and spare drag chain.

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