Z-Plus Suck-It Ideas

I’d hate to throw away our suck-it after upgrading to the Z-Plus. Anyone already made strategies for attaching?

Have you seen this link? Dustboot Mounting to Z Plus

I’m in the same boat and interested in additional ideas. Bonus points for pics of what you’ve done!

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No - thank you for that! Magnets - great idea! :magnet:

I did see the penance bracket, but would prefer something that doesn’t extend the carriage if possible.

I was surprised that there was all that space available for mounting and no holes drilled to do so…,

Referring to my Z-Plus solution I did find that in some instances two magnets per side were insufficient, I fitted extra for 4 magnets per side this solved the problem. Still love this Suckit mounting.


Here is my take on mounting my Suckit Pro dust shoe to my Z Plus upgrade. The magnet-based design was inspired by @patonclover. Made several prototypes in MDF to get the dimensions right before cutting the final parts in 1/2” acrylic. Three N45 Neodymium magnets on each side (5/8” by 1/4” - 15 pounds of pull force each) grab VERY tight - “gorilla” tight I would say. Used a diamond drag bit to mark alignment lines in 1CM increments like the original. In addition, there are four threaded holes on the top of the Z stepper that allow about 2mm of an M3 screw, so a dust hose bracket can be easily mounted to the top.

Acrylic (for me) was difficult. My first time with this unforgiving material, but I learned a lot, including how to register the vertical rails for 2-sided machining of the slots. Only wrecked one part but still fit it all in a 12”x12” piece I bought on Amazon. I could’ve used Baltic Birch but it wouldn’t have looked as good.

Fun project. Very time-consuming but I’m happy with the result.

Edited to include c2d file: Suckit Pro Z Plus Mount by SPE.c2d (2.3 MB)


Very nice @ScottsdaleSteve. A great refinement to my rather crude solution. Gives me a good reason to update.


Awesome job! I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share your vectors? I’ve got dust everywhere at this point and am desperate!

I edited my post to include the c2d file (design only - no toolpaths - I made dozens of toolpaths while experimenting and didn’t keep track of which was which).


Here’s how I tackled it. I used the free files from pwncnc, made a few mods in F360, and printed out some new spacers to bring the whole shoe out further. It’s not quite as stable so I’ll see how it holds up.


Great thinking Jacob… to add some stability, consider utilizing one or more of the “accessory” holes along the track. This is what i do whenever i find the tracks are not as stable as i’d like.

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