Z-Plus tweaking out

Can anybody help me find out what’s going on with my Z plus?

It was working perfectly fine, then during a project it decided to start spazzing out… Check out the video:

So far I have checked all of my connections unplugged and re-plugged them back in along with the machine and when I try to home it I get the same problem… Any ideas?

This may not be the solution, but I’m going to relate it anyway. I had a problem where my ZPlus seemed to be losing steps and then getting stuck and grinding. I blew everything out and suddenly it started working again and did so for about a week. Then over the weekend, it started stuttering, grinding and just flat out wouldn’t move. I removed the 12 bolts that hold the spindle plate and that’s when I noticed that one of the linear bearings was frozen solid. I followed instructions Will sent for lubricating the parts and was able to free the stuck one. I lubed all of them as instructed. Possibly you have the same issue.

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I don’t think that is the problem, I just installed this new Z-plus last week, ran 2 projects with it up until this happened :frowning:. I am going to give your recommendation a shot nonetheless.

Sounds like a defective connection somewhere in the wiring, or possibly a bad motor driver (worst case scenario). Did you contact support@carbide3d.com for advice?

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There have been reports of this kind of action on the z-axis after a bit crash, mid-job pause and stop, or electrical disconnect. To restore proper function, users have powered down, unplugged both power and usb, waited a few minutes, then reconnected, verified homing switch operation and initialized.

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