Z Plus upgrade not homing

Installed the Z plus today. Several fasteners and a part was missing…

When I go to initialize the machine the Z runs up like its supposed to however it runs up and never “homes” the Z. Just runs up until it fails.
Every connector has been re-seated more than once.
I have checked the LED on all the proximity switches. All work
If I have settings open in Carbide motion and put a wrench in front of Z switch it sees it. (all work)
Led on the board lights when wrench is in front of switch.
If I initialize and put a wrench in front of the switch when it starts it recognizes that and runs rest of homing cycle without a problem.

I installed carbide motion on a second computer; same result

Running computers are Mac, both latest copy of Carbide Motion installed today.

It looks to me like the Z prox switch is positioned slightly too high, and the Z plate hits the mechanical limit before it has a chance to trigger the switch. I would guess that you don’t see the LED light up when the Z moves up until it grinds?
Are you able to reposition the switch slightly lower and retry?

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Tried that right away. No dice… Even tried angling the switch in both directions. Thought about taking a file and making the slots longer but wanted to wait to hear what Carbide says first.

With the missing hardware & part I’m wondering of the Z was assembled correctly.

Update: Swapped X & Z switches = same result.
Put the switches back and ran the initialize routine again = works perfectly?!?!

I’ve turned it off and back on and run the initialize routine 5 more times each time it works correctly. So not sure if I should trust it now.

Only thing different was I took the router out so I could try to see if the Z switch was lighting up when it was trying to home.

you might have the router or its power cord blocking something… so that you never actually quite reach the top

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