Z plus upgrade questions

im considering upgrading to the z plus and have a couple questions.

  1. Do i lose any x, y or z cutting limits
  2. will my existing suckit mount to the z plus
  3. does it have the wider pulley for the 9mm belts from the upgrade kit
  1. The working area is much the same.

However, the Z Plus has a single mounting point for the router mounting collar. The Belt Drive X/Z has two mounting points one higher and one lower. Depending on where the user installs the mounting collar on the Front Z plate of the Belt Drive Z axis, there are two different operating heights. The Z Plus advertises 3 inches of travel and provides more than that. The reach is different from that of the lower mounted point of the Belt Drive Z axis. There are 2 options for reaching work when using the Z Plus. A longer endmill or lifting the work up with say a spoilboard — discussion of bootstrapping this at: Notes on rapid positions and wasteboard leveling

  1. I’m afraid I can’t advise on 3rd party accessories — someone else might know

  2. Yes, the 9mm belts have been standard since summer 2016

No it won’t. You’ll have to fabricate an adapter. Here’s what I did to mount my suckit pro to my Z plus: Z-Plus Suck-It Ideas

Also see this solution by @patonclover that inspired my design: Dustboot Mounting to Z Plus

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i was just thinking about making my own mounts i like the magnet idea

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