Z Probe compatibility

Are there other z probes compatible with Shapeoko?
The one on the Carbide store has been sold out for quite some time

I don’t have a probe but The Beaver and Triquetra are compatible, several people use them but not having tried them myself, I’m not sure exactly if they offer the same level of functionality. I know the Triquetra has an app for windows that automatically zero all axis. Having a Mac as my CAM station, I would need to install parallel and Windows to get the functionality.

It would be nice if someone with experience provided a review of the offerings.

I think almost any probe is compatible with shapeoko, but they are NOT compatible with carbide motion. Carbide motion has the probe values and sequence hard coded to the Carbide probe. You would need to use another g-code sender.

I just bought a cheap probe off ebay and will be trying Ultimate G-code Sender soon.

Following. Seems to be a long, ongoing issue. Can we get an “as of today” status from someone at Carbide?

Edit: I was talking about “as of today” status on when the Shapeoko touch probe will be available. I just got my XXL and am a noob to CNC. The last thing I want is to introduce another variable by using a CM unaware probe. My brain is in excited overload as it is now. Lol From search history it appears every month the expected date just keeps getting pushed out another month.

I’d bet they are not interested in integrating other probes. Not from a sales perspective, but from an ease of use perspective. They want it to be a “set it and forget it” environment. Allowing flexibility means more opportunity for stuff to get messed up and more support calls etc…


I am soon ready to have a touch probe that will work with CM. Electronic is already ready (with green and red LED). A short video with a milling sequence can be seen here

Probing test

Is your plan to make this for:
A - your own use;
B- instructions for others to make one;
C- Eventually make them available for sale.

The drawings for a probe with compatible dimensions have been posted here more than once. The electronics are completely unnecessary.


I wanted to make my own as the probe is often sold out and also as shiiping and taxes is very high for the item when you live in Europe.

The instructions and drawing for making a probe similar to Carbides3D´s is collected from this page and other pages on the internet.
I want the same fuctionality as the one Carbide3D sells - both with a blinking LED and connected to the Carbide board

I have bought materials to make ca. 10 pieces, but I am not shure there is any interest in the product.
I am also shure that shipping would be to expensive if you live in the USA, but we are not closed to have anything there is in a sales quality

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