Z+ screw barrell at bottom

Is the screw guide barrel at the bottom of the Z+ suppose to be able to “move” around at all? I’m thinking that with mine moving in a “twisting” motion (not up and down but turning left/right) may be catching the Z screw and making it jump off track with the belt. Does that make any sense??

Not so much, but it’s also supposed to be free-floating — the dowel with a hole in it is a stop, not a guide, and the hole is just there to ensure there’s no mechanical interference, not as a guide for rotation.

The mechanical interference you describe shouldn’t happen and shouldn’t be possible — if you have such difficulties, capture them on a video and send supporting photos in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll look into it w/ you.

Appreciate the info.
Don’t know that it is a problem, just checking everything I can to see why it jumped off.
I’ll keep on keeping one! Thanks

Ideally everything which one would need to check would be at:

The z-plus leadscrew moves around but the z is guided by the rails and bearings.

Thanks for that input. I know it had been since I got the machine, two years ago, but just checking everything I can.

Restarted my project and about 3 hours into a 6 hour job and it seems to be working ok.

The fun thing about my CNC is when it is working, it is a lot of fun. AND, it works almost all the time without issue.

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