Z & X axis skipping

Need some help again with suggestions on my Z & X axis skipping.

A video is worth a thousand words.https://youtu.be/kyKCwaZodYw

And here is the X axis, notice the “clunk noise”

And this is one continuous move, I didn’t touch the mouse.

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

Bringing this to the top for some help, anyone offer suggestions?

I had a look at your videos.

The Z Axis screw stops then starts again in sync with the motion. Does it affect the position the Z-axis thinks it is at (ie: the controller thinks it has moved the axis during that pause) ?

I couldn’t hear any clunks on the X axis. Just normal stepper motor sounds. Can you specify a particular timespan in the video when there is a “clunk” ?


On the X axis the clunk is heard when the video first starts at ~ .03 seconds then again at 20 seconds.
The Z axis stopping and starting again is not me making a movement, it stops then starts again mid travel.
And yes the machine “thinks” it has moved when in fact it hasn’t so any numbers for location are wrong.

This is intermittent, for 3 days after carbide 3d sent me out some new cables and induction switches it worked. Yesterday I figured I was good to go, set up a job and homing the machine to the back right corner went as expected, then when it moves the Z axis up and travels to the front center for tool change position it skipped twice. If I let it continue to the bitsetter it will crash into the right X stop and miss the bitsetter by about 1/2" I stop it now before it gets there so as not to damage something crashing.
Now the machine is doing this same thing every time it comes from back right to center front, it skips twice.
I did notice that the X axis induction switch light is very dim compared to the other Y & Z axis lights.

Is it possible this is a current problem not supplying enough to the stepper motors?


Does it always skip in the same place? Could be a belt problem.


Nope, random. I believe it’s a connector. I wiggled the Z axis this morning and it now skips again.

Support is sending me new electronics to start over since I have had so many problems with getting this machine to stay working.

Hopefully that will fix the problem, then I can get to making stuff :slight_smile:

I appreciate the help.


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