Zero of part doesn't match stock

I’ve been having trouble for a few weeks getting my Zeros to line up between my file and the stock. It seems like I must be missing a step. I have two triads and no mater which order I move I can’t move the offset triad. Any help would be appreciated

Does this help?

If not, post the file you’re having trouble with?

Its in Meshcam that I’m having the trouble.

Hmmm - its been a while since I used MeshCam, but I think I understand what you are saying. The triad you mention are the red/blue/green arrows? There are two sets of red/blue/green arrows and you can not move the triad location when clicking on ‘Job Setup’ and then ‘Program Zero’?

Can you take a screenshot to help describe the problem?

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Yes, that is correct. I can zero the stock and the file within the stock but there is another triad that is off center and I don’t know what that is referring to.

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