Zero Offset Posible?

I have added a USB microscope camera next to the spindle to be able to zero in X&Y with precision. The camera is obviously offset from the cutter. I’d love a way to set an offset so I can zero with the camera but then take offset the zero to the cutter position. Posible?.

You’ll need to know the actual offset between the spindle axis and camera axis anyway, so instead of zeroing the axes you can just type in the axis offsets when the camera is over the zero point. It’s the same thing you do with an edge finder…

Ah, I see. Of course. I do know the offset. Thanks.

There is no way to type a coordinate and have the head move there, right? Right now I’m moving the camera to the zero position and then using a calculator to subtract the offset. Then I move the head manually to the new position calculated looking at the coordinates on the UI of Carbide Motion. Am I missing something?.

After you move the microscope crosshairs to the zero point, go into the Set Work Coordinates (“Set Zero”) screen

Click in the X coordinate readout area, and either highlight the number or backspace to clear it out

Type in the X offset between the microscope and spindle and hit enter. Both the X coordinate readout and the Cutter Position at the left edge will update without moving the axis. (In this example, the microscope is 12.34 mm to the left of the spindle)

Repeat for Y

Then you can click Done, load your tool, move it down to Z zero and go back into the Zero screen and zero only the Z and exit again.

You’re not moving the X and Y axes, just telling where the spindle actually is when the microscope is over the X-Y zero.

Got it. I guess what I was hoping for is to zero with the camera and then add the offsets as a math operation in the field and have the head move. I like to have the bit be physically at he zero position to have a visual check. I know it’s not a big deal and that your suggestion works perfectly. I would love a preference setting that would let me input a permanent offset that would be automatically accounted for when I mark the zero. I know my setup is not the common way to do it but thought it never hurts to ask. Hence why I tagged it as a feature request. Thanks for all your time and help. Love this community!!!.