Zero Success and Now This

I have not been able to consistently produce cuts on my Shappeoko Pro XXL that even resemble what I created with Carbide Create. It is probably me, but, 50+ tests with different wood, text, imported images, basic shapes, varius bits…nothing turns out like it should.

Today I am getting error codes and the right/left head unit keeps banging into the right side limit posts. Not every cut but 2 out of 5 or so.

***Error Homing Failed and ***
GRBL Error Homing: Failed,pull off didn’t clear

These new error message have me ready to pack it in and go fishing.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Sounds like your switch is not triggering. The usual is to move the switch away from the limit and with power on use a metal object to see if red light comes on. If it does move the machine all the way to where it would trigger the switch. Turn the machine on and connect but do not initialize. See on the controller if the switch is triggered indicated by a blue light. If it is not triggered then move the switch to see if you can get the blue light on. After you get the switch triggered then initialize.

If you are having issues with your jobs write to the forum and ask for help. Support is also available but there is a wealth of knowledge on the forum.

If you haven’t yet, reach out to and someone will work with you to identify what may be wrong with the machine and get you back up and running.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have done the tests and checks and had a 30 minute with a Carbide person. Nothing has fixed it. What other options are there to get some Level 1 Support?

I won’t clog the blog with any more posts. I’ll hopefully get someone at Carbide 3D to call me.

I just wanted to follow up on this string…I had a 30 minute call with Fleming at Carbide 3D support. He was great! Overnighted me a new X-axis motor and cable harness. Fixed the problem. I also bought a lifetime supply sized bottle of that special oil and I am working harder with cleaning and lubricating the machine.
I also bought a better dust collection system so things are now moving in the positive direction thanks to Carbide 3D support. Other calls and emails to support have yielded the same, positive, expiditious and professional support!


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