Zeroing repeatedly with nomad

Hi, I’m a new nomad user and I’m trying to get confident with the system now. I want to set up MDF boards covering the whole nomad base that would help me positioning recurring jobs easily, each board would have same screws than the wasteboard so I can place them accurately again and again. My question is regarding the zeroing of these boards, is there a optimal way of doing this? I am guessing that I would need something like an edge finder or the carbide probe, read that @patofoto have installed in his nomad Probe with Nomad but I can’t seem to find specific info on the docs on how to do this? Do I need to hack the nomad for use the probe? Would this disable the tool length probe? I would like to keep this as most of my jobs require tool changes. Many thanks!

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Hi @Javi. You will need to hack into your Nomad’s board. Not for the faint of heart. Not difficult but I had to learn how to solder. This does not disable the tool length probe. This is the picture I got that indicates how to solder the probe to your board. I have a Nomad Classic. Please make sure you contact Carbide3D to make sure the same applies to a Nomad Pro.

The green and white wires get spliced to the same wires that go to your tool length probe.


Fantastic, many thanks @patofoto much more confident now. Will contact support to double check which carbide on this (@WillAdams, Is this documented somewhere? Thanks!) btw Are you happy with the repeatability using the probe?

I am very happy with it but I am not making things for NASA. :blush: For the most part I use it for finding Z position. I am using CNCjs more and more to be able to get used to it. I am interested in learning different techniques to find and use datums. CNCjs gives you more flexibility for this but for the most part I still use Carbide Motion because I can pause a job with the spindle stopping and the spindle retracting. I still don’t know how to do this or if it is possible with CNCjs.

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