Zeroing Z with paper worked out very well (pic)

However, whole thing was offset a bit because I zeroed the center of the tool to the exact corner of the stock.

Also, my kid made some improvements to the wrench design:


That my friend, is pretty awesome.

For zeroing, take note that the flutes roughly go through the center of the tool, so you can put it on the edge and spin the tool so that the two flute edges match the stock edge, and zero X and Y individually that way.

Alternatively, you can move the tool until it barely touches from the side, spinning it by hand to make sure you get the actual tool edge, and then raise the tool up and offset it by the radius manually using the 0.1mm and 0.01mm jog buttons.

Also, there’s edge-finders you can use instead of using the tool entirely if you want to be super precise about it :wink:

I’m all about the super-precise (used to be a jeweller/knifemaker, and the machining course I took in college was run by a guy who used to work in the aerospace industry :slight_smile: ) I think I get what you mean re: using the flutes, but is there a video you can point to that shows this? There’s a lot I’ve forgotten, college was literally decades ago :scream:

I’ll have to take some pictures to show you—working on another walk-through, so I’ll include that in it!

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