Zooming by itself

All of a sudden when i open carbide create the workspace is continually zooming in when the mouse is over the gridded workspace. It stops when my mouse is hovering any where else. I restarted the computer and still happening. Anyone else experiencing this?

update….it also won’t allow me to click on the toolpath tab. It just goes back to design tab. I deleted and reinstalled the program and same issue.

Might want to see if there’s a key constantly being pressed on the keyboard or some other connected device? Or if your scrollwheel or something is broken.


This would be my guess as well.

My laptop has a track pad and does strange things at times. If you pinch out or in t he screen would zoom and shrink. I was not doing the pinch but my track pad thought I was. I went into the control panel for t he track pad and adjusted the sensitivity. I also have a wireless mouse and with the track pad only I cannot zoom in CC but with the wireless wheel mouse I can. There may be a combination to zoom with the track pad but I use the mouse 99% of the time.

thank you guys for the input. It ended up being dust on the screen of my laptop. I honestly did not even realize it was a touch screen laptop where you can pinch and zoom right on the laptop screen until this issue


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