Carbide 3D Flipjig

(Thackeray Taylor) #1

Hello to all,

I’m new to this forum and I’ve just purchased a Nomad 883.

Brief intro, I’ve been a designer/jeweler for a while, but recently I graduated the machinist program at my local community collage in Albuquerque NM (CNM).

Anyway, I make lots of cuff bracelets and I was wondering if anyone has made their own “flipjig”? I purchased the one Carbide 3D makes but it falls short of my needed dimensions, over 6" in length. I just wanted to know if anyone was willing to share how they approached it before I make my own.

I’m super stoked to be part of the Carbide 3D community!

Thackeray Taylor

(William Adams) #2

List of discussions / ideas at: — there’s also link to instructions there for a four-sided frame — basically the idea scales, just a matter of sourcing a block of stable / sturdy enough material and machining it to a tolerance which meets your needs.

(Thackeray Taylor) #3

Awesome - thank you!