GRBL 1.1 changes from stock?

(Grey LTC) #1

It’s cool to see carbide3d keeping up with supporting new grbl versions (1.1).

Does carbide3d maintain a fork of grbl somewhere?

What needs to be changed from the stock, publicly available grbl source on GitHub ( ) to build a .hex for my Shapeoko 3 like the one provided here: , ( )

Presumably we need to change

and uncomment

in grbl/config.h

Anything else?

(Rob Grzesek) #2

We don’t modify anything but the config file, which I’ll attach here.

Note that we do not test CM with any builds except the ones we release. If you change any of the config, or if Sonny makes any protocol changes, it won’t work reliably with CM.

config.h (42.3 KB)

GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4
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Thanks for this Rob!

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Wow! I surprised to see you’re using
Instead of those for the various shapeokos listed in

Is that because carbide motion sets all those defaults so you don’t have to worry about doing it in firmware?

(Rob Grzesek) #5

We have three different machines that we support with one hex file so we use CM to set the correct values.