Hall of Dust shoes

(barthelemy bach) #1

-Make a dust shoes.
-Take a real « portrait » of it, the picture have to square only your dust shoes.
-Post your portrait.
It could be fun to have just a big gallery that collect only the picture of our dust shoes, isn’t it ?

(Jeff Talbot) #2

Here is my oldie 3D printed dust shoe.

I never got a chance to actually mill it, as it would require 2 sides milling and my skills are not up to that level yet. I got all the HDPE for it, but it will be a project down the road, eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

Source can be found at : thingiverse

(Patricio Suarez) #3

For the Nomad Classic. Has a camera to let me see inside. Very happy with it.


(Jason Morgan) #4

Just built this last weekend. Works great!

(John Gowrie) #5

Such a tease… show us the camera view. That is a great idea!

(William Adams) #6

Okay, here’s mine, along with the holder I made for the Carbide 3D corner finder/Probe:

Files for it ought to be on the wiki somewhere — the router mount is a 65mm unit off eBay — one of these days I’ll switch to the new Z-axis plate (when I’m feeling industrious enough to drill and countersink 4 holes again, but I need to replace my countersink bit first).

(Patricio Suarez) #7

Here is a link to a post I did on my dust shoe a little while ago:

(ray) #8

(John Gowrie) #9

That is a fancy DW611 you got there :wink:

(Dan Nelson) #10

That would be a great pick up line at a bar next to Makerfaire!


(Bo La) #11

Here’s my dust shoe version. It is entirely made in polycarbonate on my Shapeoko.
The advantages of my design:

  1. It does not compromise X axis travel
  2. It is easily removable (2 set screws)
  3. The front part is a “clip on” (no screws)
  4. It can stay at a constant Z or it can travel along with the spindle
  5. While surfacing the MDF table or cutting MDF no dust escapes.

(Phil Thien) #12

That is real nice work, Bola.

(matthew ) #13

Looks great! Might have to borrow some inspiration from you. :slight_smile:

Any issues from the smaller diameter hoses? I tend to see most builds using 2" diameter, and I’ve had cases where some wood comes off along the grain in long strips.

(Bo La) #14

I had no issues so far with this hose. It’s connected to a Ridgid vacuuum which has plenty of power. I don’t cut real wood, only MDF, plastic and aluminum, so no issues with those.

Today I finished my new model of dust shoe, which is way more compact and fits like a glove on my brand-new updated spindle. I will take some pictures tomorrow.

(Chris Foley) #15

I really like this one! Would you be willing to share your files? I am waiting for my new XXL to arrive now! :slight_smile: