Meant to build an enclosure for my new XXL, built it a luxury condo instead

(Jeremy Fischer) #1

A few people suggested I post the enclosure and cabinet I made for my new Shapeoko 3 XXL. It works really well and there are very few things I would change. Let me know what you think and I’m happy to answer any questions about it. Thanks a ton to Will Adams and several others of the C3D crew for answering my incessant questions during the build and assembly. Thanks for checking it out!!

P.S. I was having issues posting the direct pictures so if there’s an issue with having posted the link, let me know.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

Nice job, looks good. I couldn’t even get my workbench top flat :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Fischer) #3

Actually, my workbench is flatter than that torsion box, but that’s because I go at that with a straight edge and a jointer plane periodically. The torsion box is within 1/32 overall though.

(Nick) #4

I love it!

I plan on making an enclosure at some point, don’t mind if I use this as inspiration. :grin:

(Jeremy Fischer) #5

Please do! Here, maybe the Sketchup model will be of some help.

(Jude Marleau) #6

Thanks for the sketchup model, I’ll use it for my n ext house, current home is 12’ x 20’ your’s might have more room. The best thing of my small house is that one person could visit but there’s no room for them to hang around. Have a cup of coffee, yak a bit and see ya later.

(James Carter) #7

Your enclosure is absolutely stunning. I am speachless.

(Leith) #8

I second what JamesC said! Wow! If anyone reading this thread hasn’t checked out the OP’s link click it, just wow!

(Jeremy Fischer) #9

Thanks a ton, man! I’m just hoping to give others ideas since I’ve gotten so much help from this forum.

P.S. I love Auckland and NZ. I want to go back so badly and someday retire there!

(Jeremy Fischer) #10

A man after my own heart. Please, come on in and visit…but not for too long.

(KSLE Pilot) #11

Totally and completely over-built!

(Like…that’s a bad thing?!?) :rofl:

(mikep) #12

Really fantastic! Is there a Jacuzzi and a bar in there?

(Jeremy Fischer) #13

Shhh, not so loudly. Where do you think I go when I tell the wife I’ll just be out in the garage for a “few minutes”?

(Tony) #14

That’s a nice build. Add a cyclone upstream of the vacuum and you will rarely have to clean your filter. I use a cyclone plus a bag and filter in the shop vac and I’ve never had to change the bag or clean the filter and I’ve probably extracted 50 gallons of dust by now.

We had some discussion in an earlier thread about whether or not you can maintain a flat bed when you move the system. It would be interesting to see some dial indicator readings across the extents of the spoil board before and after moving the cabinet.

Thanks for sharing.

(Jeremy Fischer) #15

I have a dust collection system rigged for my other woodshop tools, so I imagine that at some point in the future, I’ll connect it to the CNC in some way, shape, or fashion.

As for bed flatness, I have to imagine its movement is negligible in this case. There’s a lot of center support under the torsion box and I surface the spoilboard after I moved to its permanent home and leveled the cabinet. I checked it with a straightedge right after surfacing it and did’t see a single gap. However, I’m also trying to manage my expectations as to the degree of precision I can coax out of this machine. I have the tendency to start chasing my tail when I want it perfect!

(Art Peters) #16


Wow, lovely enclosure, but wondering if you find it to be a tad too tall? If you were doing it over, would you lower it say 6"?

Also, to you and the rest of the collective community, are you worried about the torque that the vacuum hose applies?

Thanks for sharing,


(Jeremy Fischer) #17

Actually, I wish it were 6" taller! It’s just the right height for the machine itself but I have to bend down and in to reach anything towards the middle or back, so that can be a pain.

As for the hose, mine is very flexible and stretchy and it doesn’t feel like there’s much torque when I pull it to the extreme end of the XXL’s movement. If there has been and deflection from the hose pulling, I haven’t seen it.