New Linear Z - Rev 2 - Now updated for easy tram adjustment

(Tommy Gilchrist) #62

Thanks Griff

I actually laughed out loud at that :slight_smile:

(Neil Ferreri) #63

@MrBeaver Thanks for sharing the design! I don’t know that I’ll go down this path, but you’re making it enticing. Are you updating the design on A360? The plate looks like it’s missing some holes. Also, I think the issue with the thin “Motor Mount” plate not appearing might be a naming issue as you have another part named “Motor Mount”. Fusion keeps a version history, and I think the common name is throwing that off.
@Griff Either of you guys made any more progess?
Again, thanks for sharing.

(Luke) #64

Yep it’s all done in fusion. I didn’t add the vertical holes for the guide rails as I wasn’t sure on the spacing. Whilst @Griff had 30mm from the top and 60mm between I had 25mm from the top and 60mm between. It should be a simple add.

Thanks for the tip on the end stop

(Griff Carpenter) #65

@neilferreri still waiting for my last component, the ball screw. All else is complete.

I added a set of holes to the 611 mount to enable some vertical mount height flexibility.

Really looking forward to installing it and seeing how much of a machinist I am :smile: