New Linear Z - Rev 2 - Now updated for easy tram adjustment

(Griff Carpenter) #82

Ha ha, I’m one up on you Luke, I can save fine. Mine are all gibberish though.

Now, if I could just write one…:rage:

(Neil Ferreri) #83

@MrBeaver Could it be that the macro box is hidden/minimized?

(Luke) #84

Nope, but I turned it on then off again and now I can save macros :smiley:

Does it have a workplace co-ordinate system or is that too macros?

(Neil Ferreri) #85

Glad you got the macros working.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, but I’ll throw some random info out and I hope I hit something. Both machine coordinates and work coordinates are displayed in the axes widget. You can switch WCS with by typing in the console or, I believe, there’s a drop down box above the visualizer area. I’m not at a computer at the moment.

(Luke) #86

The one thing I really liked about CM was that you could send the router round in a square - simple I know… I got around this in UGCS by setting up a bunch of macros, but I’d love a more visual approach.

Are the CNCjs developers open to ideas? It looks like it has some real potential with good looks and possibly the simplicity I like.

One other thing I can’t see is the ability to increase jog speed as the machine runs - although that might be down to me not running a job yet.

CNCJS CNC Control Software
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