Possible Bug with multi-tool jobs

(Daniel Loughmiller) #1

Curious if anyone else can reproduce.

  1. Create a CC job with multiple tools.
  2. Start the job
  3. Before the job reaches the point of needing to change tools, stop the job.
  4. Retract the Z axis until it presses the limit switch

This produced the dialog for me to insert the second tool even though the job was stopped.

(Richard Cournoyer) #2

Shapeoko, Nomad???

Sorry, you haven’t provided us with enough information (Why? Because the answers are different)

(Daniel Loughmiller) #3

Appologies, Shapeoko, latest CC build and I’ll get the CM build next time I’m downstairs but I updated it not long ago I believe.

(Richard Cournoyer) #4

OK, Shapeoko is the info I needed:

This is a typical newbie error. You CANNOT do a tool change (muli-tool in one) program.

Each tool is a separate program (for now and the foreseeable future)

Here is some training info you need:

(Daniel Loughmiller) #5

I was actually aware, in this instance I was running a job with 1/8" mills but I had a ‘fake’ mill with a slightly higher diameter to get it to make a path that left material for a finishing pass. I was merely suprised to see the dialog to change tools even after I stopped the job.

(William Adams) #6

It should be possible to do tool changes on an SO3, so as to accommodate the folks who use depth collars and find their accuracy / precision adequate for a given project. I’ve asked a developer to look into this — hopefully we’ll get an official answer on this later this week.