Z-Zero is lost when using BitSetter while running multi -tool job

I am using SO 3XXL with VcarvePro 10, 1.1 GRBL and CM 5.13. There are times that Z-Zero is lost at the beginning of the job at which point I have to re-initialize the machine to run right.
My method is:

  1. Initialize the machine (1st tool is loaded and bit setter is activated)
  2. Set z-zero with touch probe
  3. Set x,y zero
  4. Run the multi tool file
  5. Machine will ask for the 1st tool and go to the bit setter to measure the height.

At this point if all goes well, the rest of the job will be good no matter how many tool changes you have.
OR!!! It will either plunge too deep or not plunge deep enough, which leads me to believe that the bit setter is not measuring the height correctly.
I ran the machine without the bit setter for the weekend thinking that it was faulty (Carbide exchanged it for me since I recently purchased it) and it was spot on every time. As soon as the new bit setter arrived, I started running the machine with it and the same problems began.
@WillAdams I am seeing similar posts about this, can you guys please fix this. It has been ruining a lot of material for me as I am sure for others.
Here is 1: Possible Bug with multi-tool jobs

Hi @SlavaTheG,

Welcome to the forum. You may have seen a couple of other threads where the issue turned out to be due to the workflow being used ? I’m mentioning this just to clear out the possibility that this might be happening in your case:

  • Do you think you do ANYTHING slightly differently between the jobs that work fine, and those that don’t ? Are they all multi-tool jobs? Does the same job sometimes work and sometimes not ?
  • Are you 100% confident that you followed the method you described each and every time, with the 1st tool for the job being loaded when you initialize the machine, and having that bit in place when the machine goes to the BitSetter during that initialization, and then doing the zero with that same tool ?
  • do you feel any resistance/catch when pushing the BitSetter plunger manually ?
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One item missing in your list is that after #1 your machine should go to the front center and ask for “a tool” to be loaded. Then when you confirm, it will do the bit probing the first time.

Does that happen?

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Yes sir. I forgot to mention that.

One thing to check is that your material is completely flat and parallel with the z-axis.
The Z is zeroed at one point on the material and then it’s assumed the rest of the material is fully coplanar with that point. If there is variation in your material height, cutting depths will vary in different areas. Even the diference of a few millimeters can account for dramatic depth variations.

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@SlavaTheG I’d recommend opening the log. If something like this happens again, paste the log into a text file, zip it, and post here.
Same for anyone else with BitSetting problems. Is hard to determine where the issue is without knowing what the machine is doing.


I’d like to dig into this a little bit.

One thing would be really helpful is if you have a video showing the workflow you are running? Ideally showing both computer and machine.

Can you confirm a few things for me.

  • Have you installed the tool change Post Processor in Vetric?
  • Are your tool’s numbered in Vetric?
  • When the 2nd tool is due, does carbide motion prompting for a tool change? Do you need to stray away from the onscreen prompts at any point?

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