Possible Bug with multi-tool jobs

Curious if anyone else can reproduce.

  1. Create a CC job with multiple tools.
  2. Start the job
  3. Before the job reaches the point of needing to change tools, stop the job.
  4. Retract the Z axis until it presses the limit switch

This produced the dialog for me to insert the second tool even though the job was stopped.

Shapeoko, Nomad???

Sorry, you haven’t provided us with enough information (Why? Because the answers are different)

Appologies, Shapeoko, latest CC build and I’ll get the CM build next time I’m downstairs but I updated it not long ago I believe.

OK, Shapeoko is the info I needed:

This is a typical newbie error. You CANNOT do a tool change (muli-tool in one) program.

Each tool is a separate program (for now and the foreseeable future)

Here is some training info you need:

I was actually aware, in this instance I was running a job with 1/8" mills but I had a ‘fake’ mill with a slightly higher diameter to get it to make a path that left material for a finishing pass. I was merely suprised to see the dialog to change tools even after I stopped the job.

It should be possible to do tool changes on an SO3, so as to accommodate the folks who use depth collars and find their accuracy / precision adequate for a given project. I’ve asked a developer to look into this — hopefully we’ll get an official answer on this later this week.