SO3 XXL Project: Aztec Calendar

(Chris Sader) #1

Inspired by MikeMerzky over on the Inventables Forum, I got cranking on an Aztec Calendar of my own.

Started with 4"x32"x3/4" padauk planks, glued them up into a slab, cut that down to 21" square, surfaced both sides using the SO3 and got carving with a 1/8" 60 degree V bit.

Total carving time was around 9 hours.

Single coat of tung oil to finish.

I'm hooked on V carving now! Mandalas
(Chris Sader) #2

BTW, would be nice if this forum was as organized (and active, frankly) as the Inventables forum.

(Apollo Crowe) #3

Thanks for posting your Aztec Calendar, very nice material choice and finish.
Ddi you use MeshcAM fir this?
What would you like to see more of?

(Chris Sader) #4

Thanks! Used Aspire for the V-Carve toolpath.

I enjoy that the Inventables forum is broken down by machine type (in this case it would be Nomad and SO3 with sub-sections for SO3, XL and XXL, maybe), projects by users, software-specific stuff (in this case it’d be Carbide Motion and Create), etc.

I don’t see many people sharing the work they’ve done with their SO3s (there’s some, but it’s not a lot), so I wonder if having a dedicated Projects section would help people feel like they can share more.

(Jonathan K) #5

High-fives Chris on this, it looks sharp!

how did you go about fixturing this? Did you just use corner hold-downs and leave yourself some tabs when doing the final perimeter pass to hold everything in and then saw those off at the end?

Also, what kind of pass-structure did you use in Aspire?

(Chris Sader) #6

Thanks Jonathan.

I need to get some longer bolts for my threaded wasteboard clamps, so for this one I just screwed it down in the 4 corners. I did a circular surfacing pass about an inch larger than the carving diameter, then re-zeroed Z to the surfaced area with the v-bit.

I didn’t do tabs, as the 20" circle was heavy enough not to shift during the final profiling cutout.

As for Aspire pass-structure, do you mean feeds and speeds? Given that this was a V-Carve, there’s not a “raster” or “off-set” choice. As for feeds and speeds, I went with 60 ipm with the Dewalt 611 set on 1.

(Jonathan K) #7

feeds & speeds were part of it, but I was curious what the path strategy for the v-carve looked like from Aspire, and what kinds of settings Aspire uses for setting such things up. I’m primarily a Fusion360 CAM person, but would like to try some other tools for more artistic projects that are less mechanical, so looking at the options :wink:

(Chris Sader) #8

I’m not sure how to describe the path strategy. Aspire usually seems pretty efficient, at least visually. However, this project did seem a little more random.

(Jonathan K) #9

… so… screenshots? :wink:

(Adam Albert) #10

There are SO3 projects on the Shapeoko forums, if your interested in browsing (though it is a mix of SO2 and SO3 projects).

(Chris Sader) #11

Thanks Adam. Yeah, I’ve seen that too…but it’s just not super active. I know people around here are making stuff like crazy…so brag a little! :slight_smile:

(Chris Sader) #12

Happy to share screenshots when I get home. Anything in particular? I can show my toolpath panel for the v-carve and you can tell me if that’s what you’re asking for…

sorry if I’m being a little dense.

(Chris Sader) #13

Here you go. Toolpath panel on the right. Bit settings in the smaller window. Toolpath preview behind. Let me know if you’re looking for something else.

(mark robinson) #14

Looks great Chris,Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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(Jonathan K) #15

Always interesting to see how different software sets these things up and how they show previews of the output. That’s helpful, thanks!

(Robert Sargent) #16

Can you share the details on your bit choice for this project? Perhaps a link. I have hunted around for a .125 inch v-bit and find nothing but engraving bits.

(Chris Sader) #17

Ah, good point. May not technically be a V bit. I used this engraving bit:

(Camille Ouellette) #18

Wow impressive, nice work!

(Tom Richardson) #19

That’s awesome! What did you use to create the artwork if you don’t mind my asking?


(Chris Sader) #20

Thanks @Camillette and @trichardson!

Tom, the artwork is an SVG of an Aztec Calendar I found online. I didn’t design it myself. :slight_smile: