What am I doing wrong with my cuts?

(Alderic) #1

I don’t know if it’s a problem with my end mill, my machine setup, or just my luck. I don’t know what to do to fix these uneven edges. Does anyone have suggestions?

Here are my specs:

  • 8 IPM Feed & Plunge
  • Makita dial 1.0
  • (tried a 30 IPM, dial 3.5, but same result)
  • Carbide3D 0.50" V-Bit Cutter - 90°
  • Shapeoko XL
  • Carbide Motion
  • Fusion 360
  • MDF wood (with veneer on top)
  • Secured with double sided tape (Intertape 591)

(William Adams) #2

Does this match the preview in Carbide Create?

I suspect the problem is you’re trying to cut an unmodified path which his wider than the endmill which you are using can cut — inset the path to a suitable degree — see Carve letters depth and Could use some guidance on creating a carve

(Stuart) #3

I’ve seen this before and it was an issue with the actual angle of the V bit versus what the cam thinks the angle is. I haven’t used carbide create but double check that the angle is set correctly, and that CC isn’t looking for 45 degrees (half the total angle) rather than 90 degrees

(mikep) #4

I’ve got to ask… you’re sure everything on the machine is tight? (no loose eccentrics, pulleys are ok, etc?)

(Neil Ferreri) #5

That looks like possibly more than one issue. As @mikep said, check your Z-axis pulleys and belt.

(Adam X) #6

Yip, loose machine. The preview looks correct, I’d bet pulley slip on the stepper shafts, eccentrics not tight, or belts slop.

(system) #7

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