What would ya say, ya do here?

(Temujin Kuechle) #41

Studied Industrial Design at SJSU, graduated in late 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. Started working in the field at a local product design and development company in late 1998. In 2007 I started doing freelance I.D. projects for small entrepreneurs and small businesses while also contracting with my previous employer. I had been creating representations of concepts for clients and hit a wall. Finally I was able to create prototypes with the advent of CNC type machines, 3D printers, CAD & CAM software all becoming financially accessible for my small business. It has been really intellectually rewarding to not only learn about these machines and processes but to be able to make, and prove ideas with these marvels of modern technology. The Shapeoko 3 and Nomad are really excellent at making it possible for me to affordably prove solutions.

(Reece Fleming) #42

Traveling robot technician for a company. Woodworker for hobby when I’m home. Really want to start learning about all this before my knowledge gets passed up. Just bought my first CNC with the SO XL. Excited to start getting a hands on learning experience.

(matthew ) #43

Holy 13 kids - wow!!

I’m an interior designer/medical planner during the day and a tinkerer/musician/noisemaker at night. Hoping to turn my knowledge of CAD and how things go together into some useful objects. If i can make even half the things on my huge list of ideas I’ll be very happy!

(Craig) #44

Wireless telecommunications engineer and project manager working to deploy the next generation of wireless networks.

(michael huntley) #45

retired construction superintendent. i have a home made 12x24 cnc, and 1 each of the 3020-3040-6040 cncs. I also have a intelicarve. i acquired most on craigslist for next to nothing from various people who could not get them to run correctly, and tore them apart and couldn’t put them back together. have most up and running. Started out as a project for myself and grand kids, and has lead into local neighborhood kids joining in. Its really great to see the younger generation take an interest in woodworking, as i have complete woodworking shop, and now getting them involved in cnc work, They range from 6-18 years of age. What a joy it give me to see the interest.

(Edward Kramer) #46

Great to see the broad range of careers and experience represented in this forum. I’m an Enterprise Architect (IT job) currently with most of my career spend in software development and architecture. Bought my Nomad 883 Pro to make things I can actually see and touch.

(ekramer3 on instagram)

(Martin) #47

Long term IT director for several blue chip orgs, recently working in sales directing bids.
Wood working passion since school and love combining wood and computing. Looking to develop skills for a retirement sideline. Now making signs and toys for the family.

Oh based in the UK.

(Jason) #48

Career Firefighter in Canada…woodwork mainly as hobby with some sales to help pay for such hobby and it’s toys. Love the CNC aspect of woodworking…have the shapeoko xxl (just over a year…recently received my Laguna IQ4x4…sweet sounds having both running at same time…:+1:

(Allyn Phillips) #49

I am a retired IT Manager at Ford Motor Company. Internet security & Dealer network. Took up woodworking because my daughter wanted some Adirondack chairs and it just grew from there. I only make stuff for family & friends. I stay pretty busy in my basement workshop. Canton, Michigan.

(MachineHeadLabs) #50

Graphic Artist. Bought Nomad to start prototyping some ideas I have.

(Chris) #51

Oncology Nurse for 10 years as my 9-5, I also do part time graphic design for a few companies, and I also do motorcycle parts fabrication on the side. I’m seriously contemplating going back to school for a degree in Industrial Engineering Design. I love what I do, but I love building/creating just slightly more. This shapeoko has opened my eyes to a world I thought was far out of reach for me. It’s amazing reading through some of what people on here do, I’m greatly humbled.

(billyprops) #52

I make molds and props in the film industry. I pre ordered the Nomad classic and just got the xxl up and running.

(Patricio Suarez) #53

@ignatius13 Hope our paths cross on some set one day to compare notes!!!

(billyprops) #54

Anytime you’re in Atlanta please feel free to hit me up.

(Owen Protheroe) #55

Civil Engineer for 10 years. My partner was starting her own business, so I offered to do the design work, and then we brought CAM in house too with the Nomad Pro (and I get to do a few projects of my own :grinning:)

(Tom Holgate) #56

I am a machinist and carpenter by trade. I did cnc programming until I was replaced by computers and kids. Now I work as a production engineer in a large machine shop but never get to play on the machines. I have a Shapeoko 3 for a hobby. Good to feel creative again.

(Mark Jurisch) #57

I am a mechanical designer and computer scientist working in research and development as my day job, and I help people and entrepreneurs develop their ideas into actual products as a side business, which I hope to make my main business in the near future.

My house is pretty much a maker space and I’ve been collecting the skills and tools to be able to build pretty much anything I can imagine.

(Patricio Suarez) #58

Hey @Jexoteric, you are living my dream!!!. So cool!!!.

(Tim McManus) #59

Retired now. CNC machinist/programmer for 40 years.

(Jesse Glessner) #60

Working very hard at being retired - with a new hobby!
Many years spent at Hughes Aircraft Company in an Engineering/Prototype organization working around electro-mechanical systems as supervisor and superintendent of assembly labs and planning areas.