What would ya say, ya do here?

(Caleb Pittman) #61

I am a former Marine and a current Police Sergeant in Alabama. Feeling a little under-qualified. Haha. Glad to be able to soak up all of the combined knowledge.

(William Adams) #62

Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in — 5 years in the Air Force here, including working as a Security Police.

(Caleb Pittman) #63

I was a little nervous about venturing off into the land of CNC. I mainly got involved for woodworking purposes. I’m sure you guys in the forums hear this all the time, but the community is what sold me on Carbide products. When I was lurking around the different posts trying to gather information I noticed there is a core group of people on here that seem to find joy in helping others solve their problems. After seeing that I figured I couldn’t go wrong here. So, thank you guys for unknowingly motivating me to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new.