1.1 Upgrade Failing on v2.3 Board

I have already emailed support a couple days ago with no response yet. I have a v2.3 controller I am finally getting around to upgrading to 1.1. But the upgrade fails. I use the Carbide Updater Utility. I tried holding down the Z limit switch. Failure. Then I found an article where is says to press the Prog button which is hidden underneath the big capacitor on my board. So I tried holding that. Updater still fails. Then I downloaded XLoader and used the settings recommended in an article on the forums for going back to 0.9. XLoader seems to lock up. So it seems like I am stuck at 0.9 until support gets back to me with a solution.

I read through tons of topics on this forum along with the wiki. It seems like i either don’t have a bootloader or my bootloader is corrupted.

Anyone successfully upgrade a v2.3 board to 1.1? If so, can you tell me if there is anything I need to do other than hold down the Prog button when the Updater Util tells me to hold down the Z limit switch button?

This topic is the closest I can find, but I never saw the solution, only the suggestion to email support, which I have done. Awaiting a response from them.

I’ve never had an issue using the arduino IDE.

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Does it matter what release of 1.1 I use to compile? Looks like 1.1f released in August is the latest.

I’d just grab the most recent.

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