$1.25 (no longer a dollar) Bamboo cutting boards are back in stock at the Dollar Tree

Are people using these for cheap stock? Or are you engraving them and giving them away as cutting boards?

I will use them for cheap pre cut stock for name plates, coasters, and maybe a few V carved epoxy inlay cutting boards. They are pretty small boards so maybe a fruit or cheese board or possibly hot plate trivet.

I mostly cut aluminum so these are just handy to have around for Ez gifts. I might grab a laser engraver as well now that the diode laser machines are becoming very affordable.

I tried to order these on Feb. 6th and the order went through for home delivery without any problem. I called them today because I haven’t gotten update yet on it being shipped and they told me they’re all sold out already. Anyone have ANY idea how long it takes for them to get them back in stock? Am I looking at weeks, months or years til they get them back in stock? Thank you.

Since they probably come from China, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

I placed a back-order back in November of last year, and they arrived mid-January — no idea how long they were out of stock before that though.

I saw this when first posted. I was lucky enough to get 24 of them. Used my new laser to burn this into one…


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Worked up a box design using these as stock:

Design into 3D_ Box Sawn - front-back.c2d (1.9 MB)
Design into 3D_ Box Sawn - top-bottom.c2d (156.5 KB)
Design into 3D_ Box Sawn - sides.c2d (1.9 MB)

will require suitable hardware (hinges and a clasp) — working on a sliding lid version instead.


These are back in stock, but are now $1.25:


Ordered online, couldn’t have shipped to store. Couple hours later they cancelled the order saying the fulfillment center was out. :frowning: Went to a local store though and was able to get 15 of them! Happy to have some to play around with. Thanks for the post mentioning this Will!

@WillAdams LOL did you cause a shortage with this post causing a supply and demand problem driving the price up by 25%?

I hope not.

I need a few more cases, and I need to find the time to check the local stores myself.

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I may partly to blame. Had 4 boxes, already went through one.


what is thickness of board

~8.35mm there’s a bit of variety, more than I’d like, but thus far things have worked out well by setting the origin relative to the bottom of the stock (use 8.35mm for thickness in the file and set origin on spoil board and jog up 8.35mm and then set Z).

I’ve pretty much worked my way through my first case, so when I opened the second measured all the uncut ones and arranged them by measured thickness:

Width Quantity
7.57mm 1
7.66mm 1
8.09mm 1
8.12mm 1
8.14mm 1
8.16mm 1
8.18mm 2
8.26mm 1
8.28mm 1
8.32mm 1
8.33mm 1
8.37mm 1
8.38mm 3
8.39mm 3
8.40mm 1
8.42mm 1
8.45mm 2
8.46mm 3
8.53mm 1

Also encountered my first void while cutting out a box:


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